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Maybe I was Wrong

We now know the answer:

Maybe I should have supported Trump in order to get a great spot in the Administration.

Maybe a president that refuses to divulge his financial interests will refrain from self-dealing.

Maybe the forces of racism and intolerance can be safely caged now that they are not needed.

Maybe mendacity and personal attacks can induce cooperation from the other side.

Maybe the Republican establishment can succeed with a life-long Democrat whose base detests it.

Maybe financial stability can be increased by cutting taxes and raising spending.

Maybe simple cajolery can bring investment and jobs to the least competitive regions.

Maybe existing checks and balances can protect against abuses of power.

Maybe we can bully allies into bearing a larger share of world leadership.

Maybe American security can be strengthened by withdrawing from an increasingly polarized world.

Maybe the country can maintain its moral leadership by appeasing dictators and abandoning the oppressed.

Maybe winging it can substitute for coalition building and sound strategy.

Maybe repeating the overreaching of the Obama Administration will produce a better result this time.

Let’s hope so.


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